Aaron_Deevy3D Modeller
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Current Projects 

Aaron's role involves reproducing models of heritage objects or sites for use in online display. Some of his other responsibilities include integrating heritage models into a gaming environment, creating visualisations for academic publication and working with the surveying team to ensure the development pipeline remains efficient and up to date.


Aaron is the 3D Modeller with the Discovery Programme, he completed his BA in Modelmaking, Design and Digital Effects in the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Since joining the company in 2014 Aaron has worked across several projects.

Research Interests

Aaron's research interests mainly focus on integrating new developments in modelling and gaming technology in to The Discovery Programmes workflow. He is currently investigating the use of site photography in creating PBR ready materials where complete photographic recording is not possible. Physically Based Rendering (PBR) ready materials are built to emulate the physical attributes of real life materials through light refraction/diffusion/reflection, microsurface roughness, transparency/translucency along with other physical parameters. It is a recent rendering style that is currently the most effective means of creating close to photorealistic textures for 3D models.


Corns,A., Deevy,A., Devlin,G., Kennedy,L. and Shaw,R. 2015, 3D-ICONS: Digitizing Cultural Heritage Structures, New Review of Information Networking, doi: 10.1080/13614576.2015.1115232

Corns,A., Deevy,A., Devlin,G., Shaw,R. and Shine,L. 2017,3D-ICONS Ireland – fulfilling the potential of a rich 3D resource, Internet Archaeology, DOI: 10.11141/ia.43.12


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