L ShinePublic Engagement and Outreach Officer

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Current Projects

Linda works as the Public Engagement and Outreach Officer at the Discovery Programme and her goal is to make the Discovery Programme’s research accessible to as wide an audience as possible. She organises outreach activities in partnership with the communities in which the Discovery Programme carries out its research.

Research Interests

The research for Linda’s MA and PhD focused on medieval rural settlement and cross-cultural interactions and she is interested in anything that could be described as a castle. She has published a number of papers on the medieval settlement in Ireland and has presented her research at conferences in Ireland and abroad.


Linda has worked in both the Public Sector (Assistant Keeper, National Museum of Ireland and Archaeologist, National Monuments Service) as well as in commercial archaeology. She has also work on community heritage and heritage tourism projects with Meath Partnership and Ulster University. She taught the Public Archaeology module of the MPhil in Public History and Cultural Heritage in Trinity College Dublin for 2 years. Linda is a committee member of the Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement.


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Book reviews

Colfer, B. 2013 Wexford castles: Landscape, context and settlement. Cork: Cork University Press. In Irish Literary Supplement, Vol 34, No. 1 (Fall 2014), p.6
Doyle, I. and Browne, B. 2016 (eds) Medieval Wexford: Essays in memory of Billy Colfer, 292-311. Dublin: Four Courts Press In in Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies, (Forthcoming in 2017)

Other publications

I was the co-editor of the Bréifne journal for 2013, which included reprints of Oliver Davies articles on the archaeology of county Cavan as well as unpublished site reports compiled by Davies and stored in the National Museum of Ireland’s Monument Files.



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