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Current Projects

I am working on legacy projects of the Discovery Programme especially Derragh Island in Lough Kinale (Co. Longford) on general administrative matters and some outstanding research matters.


I came to the Discovery Programme in 2002 to participate in the Lake Settlement Programme, led by Dr Christina Fredengren. Later, in 2005, I joined the Medieval Rural Settlement Project in Tulsk and Carns, for Dr Niall Brady. In 2011 I formed part of the research in Lough Lugh for the LIARI project, led by Dr Jaqueline Cahill Wilson.

In 2008, The Discovery Programme successfully applied for external funding through the ‘INSTAR’ programme from the Heritage Council. The ‘WODAN’ project obtained further funding in 2009 and 2010. The project established an online wood and charcoal database and created consensus rules and instructions for charcoal research. This was a joint effort by wood and charcoal specialists in Ireland, supported by European colleagues, especially those from BIAX-Consult in the Netherlands. Currently due to lack of financial support WODAN is inactive but is planned to be online again during 2017.

In 2010 The Discovery Programme commissioned a pilot scoping study on the utilization of archaeo-environmental resources. This was undertaken by Dr Eileen Reilly and Dr Bettina Stefanini (Environmental Pilot Project: A feasibility study examining environmental evidence from the period 1500 BC – 400 AD in Ireland).

I co-organised conferences for the Agricultural History Society of Ireland (with Professor Liam Downey and Professor Michael O’Connell), the Irish Environmental History Network (with Dr Frank Ludlow) and the Irish Historic Settlement Group (with Dr David Fleming) and the Discovery Programme. I also participated with sessions to EEA and WAC-conferences.

Research Interests

I am interested in biological aspects of archaeology, and how this informs the narrative of the past. My main interests are macroscopic plant remains including wood and charcoal, and anything of microscopic size though I love archaeology in general.

I also love gardens and gardening, especially scented plants and those that attract bees and butterflies. This often includes weeds.


 Conference Papers
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Short Communications
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Full-length Papers

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