S KeheoRemote Sensing Analyst
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Current Projects

Stephen joined the Discovery Programme in Feb. 2016 as an intern to work on the ongoing Tara Project with Dr. Roseanne Schot, and was employed by the Discovery Programme in December 2016 to continue his work on the project. This work involves conducting a Multi-Ray Photogrammetric survey of the Tara landscape, using overlapping aerial photographs to create high-resolution Digital Surface Models (DSM’s) over an area of roughly 90Km². These models along with the orthorectified aerial photographs are being analysed in order to locate new potential archaeological sites and provide further information about the broader archaeological landscape of Tara.


Stephen graduated from University College Dublin in 2015 where he completed his Masters in Archaeology. His MA thesis was an analysis of the landscape of an important heritage site, the Hill of Ward in Co. Meath using LiDAR. Stephen also works on the creation of 3D models of archaeological objects and sites through the technique of Structure from Motion (SfM).

Research Interests

His research interests mainly lie in Landscape archaeology and the application of LiDAR, Photogrammetry and aerial survey in Irish archaeology and the role of SfM in modern archaeology.

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