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Current Projects

Edel was appointed Chief Executive Officer of The Discovery Programme in April 2013. Under her guidance, the organization has undergone a review of its governance and of its approach to long-term projects. These changes are in line with The Discovery Programme’s Strategic Plan 2014-2017 that was launched in December 2013. She is a member of the Royal Irish Academy Standing Committee on Archaeology. She held a Visiting Fellowship in All Souls College Oxford, September to December 2016 and is an adjunct professor in the UCC School of History.


 Edel is a medieval historian and Celtic scholar who has worked throughout her career on multidisciplinary projects including as Research Fellow of The Discovery Programme’s Tara Research Project, Academic Project Manager of the UCD Mícheál Ó Cleirigh Institute for Irish History & Civilization, as Principal Investigator of the INSTAR Mapping Death project (www.mappingdeathdb.ie) and as Co-Investigator of the Irish Research Council Monastic Ireland Landscape and Settlement project (www.monastic.ie).

Research Interests

Her scholarly interests range through various topics including:

• The nature of monasticism in Ireland AD900-1300 (monograph currently in progress)
• Death and burial in early Ireland: a reflection of religious beliefs and conversion
• Kingship in late prehistoric and early medieval Ireland in a world context
• The historiography of history writing in Ireland
• The intellectual history of medieval and early modern Ireland: creating a lexicon of terms and material culture
Applied Research
• The communication of archaeology, history and landscape through modern media
• The development of a dynamic policy for the cultural heritage sector in Ireland
• Creating an effective bridge between the humanities and sciences in Ireland
• Extending philanthropy to the arts and culture in Ireland


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