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Our core funding is an annual grant from The Heritage Council. This amounted to €750,000 in 2015 a 40% drop from its peak in 2008. We have obtained a certain amount of additional funding through EU co-funded programmes and by undertaking outsourced work but this has not bridged the gap. We have developed substantial project proposals for the next five years that with an extra €170,000 per annum between 2016 and 2021 would guarantee their development and also employment opportunities for highly-skilled graduates.


These projects have been developed in the past two years and as they have progressed we have identified new research, educational and employment opportunities that could open up with a little further investment.


Total extra funding required for projects in 2016:

Additional seed funding for OSCAIL project to develop public/private partnership:

Estimated TOTAL investment required to rebuild The Discovery Programme’s potential 2016-2021:

3D pointcloud data Gallarus1

3D pointcloud data, normal shaded intensity values, of Gallarus Oratory, Co. Kerry.


A future model for The Discovery Programme: Centre for Archaeology and Innovation Ireland?

We have changed our title recently to reflect our new vision for the organization and a new governance structure (in accordance with the 2014 Companies Act) that will come into operation in January 2016. Our aim is to work towards a model similar to Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Centres ( in which dedicated archaeological research will link up with scientific research in areas such as climate change, will contribute good quality content to the tourism industry and will develop cultural and heritage educational resources. Enterprise Ireland’s 15 Technology Centres cover a range of economic activities including agriculture, bioenergy, nanotechnology, microelectronics, food science, e-learning, financial services and pharmaceuticals.

They receive an initial €1m per annum over a five year period to enable them to develop their potential. No research centre dealing with culture and heritage exists but the kernel of such a centre already exists in the Discovery Programme. With a relatively small amount of investment above our existing core grant and financial stability from 2016 to 2021 we could create a thriving archaeological, cultural and technological centre for Ireland.

Reconnaissanc Skellig

 3D pointcloud data, normal shaded intensity values, of Gallarus Oratory, Co. Kerry.

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