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Newstalk Archaeology 1

Archaeology Meets Technology

Dr Edel Breathnach and Gary Devlin of the Discovery Programme feature in this Newstalk radio documentary which examines the ways in which technology is redefining our understanding of history and archaeology.

The documentary maker Noel Murphy began his quest at the Discovery Programme. He met Dr. Edel Breathnach and her team in what he described as a ‘somewhat antiquated building’ where they use cutting edge technologies to record monuments in astonishing 3D detail using laser surveying technology.

Noel then travels to Killarney in search of archaeological treasure, and meets Gary Devlin from the Discovery Programme and Dr.Nora White of the School of Celtic Studies. Mysteriously they’ve arranged to meet him after dark at an old church ruins to look at an ancient Ogham stone. Their nocturnal adventure results in the recording of this stone in minutest detail for all eternity and for all the world to see, creating better opportunities to decipher its linguistics.

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