Launch of New Logo

HILL_OF_TARA_11We are pleased to formally introduce our new Discovery Programme logo. It has been in development since late last year and has already featured on some publications. The new logo was developed to reflect our innovative and dynamic approach to archaeology which has been a feature of our 25 years of research.

The concept of the logo was to take a bird’s eye view of the Hill of Tara and incorporate it within the design rather than just being a feature of it. As The Discovery Programme is often abbreviated as 'DP' this was integrated with the iconic central image of the Hill of Tara, to reveal the letters ‘D’ and ‘P’. As the Discovery Programme is about many things, it seemed wrong to pick one of these out in the logo. The intention of the logo is to get that 'oh that's what it is' moment from the viewer, they discover within the logo the 'D' and the 'P' all in one. You need to investigate the logo to unearth what it is you are looking at, in much the same way as the Discovery Programme investigate projects to answer research questions in Irish Archaeology. We also wanted to introduce a dynamic feel to the logo with shapes and curves rather than just have it as a static 'D' and 'P'.

The logo now compliments the modern font Orga and works on every level, from one to two colours and black and white respectively. The logo is a strong, clean mark that continues the overall message of the original, but in an updated style.






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