The EU ARIADNE network has developed out of the vital need to create infrastructures for the management and integration of archaeological data at a European level. ARIADNE sits within DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) as a digital infrastructure focussed on the archaeological and heritage sector. Europe’s archaeological research community is constantly acquiring new information about the distant past, but the resulting data sets are not always easy to obtain or use. There is a large corpus of archaeological digital datasets that, together, span different periods, domains and regions; more are continuously created as a result of the increasing use of IT. ARIADNE is breaking new ground in attempting to assemble this fragmented corpus. It will promote a culture of data sharing, and the partners also intend to open up new avenues for research.

Arising out of the ARIADNE initiative, the Heritage Council and the Discovery Programme is leading the development of OSCAIL, a multi-agency archaeological archives proposal. The proposal seeks to draw attention to the wealth and potential of Ireland’s cultural heritage archives and to propose a long-term infrastructural strategy to bring this data into the digital age. Its primary objectives are to:

• Allow the world to explore Irish culture and heritage

• Provide a lasting and accurate digital record of cultural heritage in Ireland

• Improve access and efficiency to digital information of our shared past

• Improve research opportunities for Irish culture and heritage

• Encourage businesses and tourists to come to Ireland

Team: Anthony Corns, Louise Kennedy, Edel Bhreathnach, Beatrice Kelly (Heritage Council)

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