The Discovery Programme is one of the 31 partners in the EU LoCloud project. LoCloud (www.locloud.eu) is a set of cloud based technologies and supports created to assist small and medium local heritage institutions to publish their content, text, image, audio or video, online. Funded by the European Commission, this best practice network will add millions of digitized items to Europeana (www.europeana.eu/portal) from a variety of cultural institutions. A cloud-based technology infrastructure will enable the aggregation of local content and a number of micro-services will help to reduce technical, semantic and skills barriers. The Discovery Programme is working with various cultural heritage collections to make their content available online and through Europeana.

See rsai.locloudhosting.net and lswanaerial.locloudhosting.net

Team: Anthony Corns, Louise Kennedy, Evie Monaghan, Katherine Daly

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