Lake Settlement Project

The study of Lake settlement is at the heart of Irish archaeology. Mesolithic occupation sites, Bronze Age wooden platforms, post-alignments etc., Iron Age structures and Early Christian crannógs in lakes have provided much of our knowledge of prehistoric and medieval settlement organisation, agriculture, industry, economy and crafts. This is because lake settlements typically have waterlogged, archaeologically rich deposits containing well-preserved structures, artefacts and palaeobotanical evidence. However there are major questions to be asked of all of this material, due to a lack of integrated archaeological research to date.

It is appropriate that the Discovery Programme has involved itself in lake settlement studies, as the subject can be associated with most of the major research developments in Irish archaeology from the initial antiquarian work of Wood-Martin, the major Bronze Age and Early Christian crannóg excavations of the Harvard expeditions, the Lough Gara project, the Moynagh Lough crannóg excavations, the published inventories and Sites & Monuments Records of the Archaeological Survey of Ireland and the development of the collections of the National Museum of Ireland and the Ulster Museum. There have also been some recent developments in lake settlement studies, such as the Crannóg Archaeological Project in Lough Ennell

Project Staff

Project Director: Dr.Christina Fredengren
Senior Research Assistant: Birgitta Larsson
Senior Research Assistant: Dr. Michael Potterton
Research Assistant: Rory McNeary
Historian of Anglo-Norman sources: Dr. Margaret Murphy
Historian of Gaelic sources: Anne Connon


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