Discovery Programme Reports: 1

Discovery Programme Reports: No. 1: Project Results 1992 (Dublin, Royal Irish Academy for the Discovery Programme 1993), 128 ++

This report investigates Later Bronze Age and Iron Age sites in the south and west of Ireland. The report includes studies of the following projects: Western Stone Fort Project, Ballyhoura Hills Projects, North Munster Project, Tar Project and Palynological Study in County Louth. An indispensible record of the sites, it was commissioned by the Discovery Programme Panel, the State-funded archaeological research institution

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Discovery Programme Reports: 2

Discovery Programme Reports: No. 2: Project Results 1993 (Dublin, Royal Irish Academy for the Discovery Programme 1995), 144 ++

This is the second report in the 'Discovery Programme' archaeological series. It presents further research on the projects covered in the first report on the Western Stone Fort, Ballyhoura Hills, North Munster and Tara projects. It includes an extensive account by David Weir of his palynological study in County Louth.

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Discovery Programme Reports: 4

Discovery Programme Reports: No. 4: Project Results (Dublin, Royal Irish Academy for the Discovery Programme 1996), 144 ++

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Discovery Programme Reports: 5

Discovery Programme Reports: No. 5: Project Results (Dublin, Royal Irish Academy for the Discovery Programme 1999), 146 ++

This fifth report in the Discovery Programme archaeological series includes an insightful review by Martin Doody on excavations undertaken at Chancellorsland, south Tipperary. Barry Masterson writes a detailed survey on Carn Tigherna in County Cork and discusses the use of up-to-date surveying techniques. Tom Condit and Aidan O'Sullivan address the importance of assessing sites by moving through landscape and waterways, and Eoin Grogan presents an interim report on excavations at Mooghaun hillfort in County Clare.

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Discovery Programme Reports: 6

Discovery Programme Reports: No. 6: Project Results (Dublin, Royal Irish Academy for the Discovery Programme 2002), 165 ++

Volume 6 of the Discovery Programme Reports examines the findings from Tara, Co. Meath. Among the contributions by noted archaeological scholars are Joe Fenwick and Conor Newman’s geomagnetic survey of the Hill of Tara.

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Discovery Programme Reports: 7

Discovery Programme Reports: No. 7 - North Roscommon in the Later Medieval Period: An Introduction (Dublin, Discovery Programme 2005), 165 ++

This volume is focused on the Roscommon module of the Medieval Rural Settlement Project. This is a preliminary publication mainly examining the issues of sources and methodology. In focusing here on the area of North Roscommon, the Discovery Programme is attempting to advance an aspect of Irish medieval rural settlement studies that has been largely neglected by archaeologists: i.e. the study of the Gaelic lordships in the period after c.1170 AD.

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Discovery Programme Reports: 8

Discovery Programme Reports: No. 8 - Late Iron Age and ‘Roman’ Ireland (Dublin, Discovery Programme 2014), 300 ++

This book details the findings of the pilot phase of the Discovery Programme’s Late Iron Age and ‘Roman’ Ireland (LIARI) Project. There are eight chapters (listed below). This report forms number eight in the Discovery Programme Report series, the most recent of which was produced in 2005. It is an academic work, but one that will be of interest to a relatively large audience.
Chapter 1. The LIARI project pilot: aims, methodology and collaborative research
Chapter 2. Romans and Roman material in the Later Irish Iron Age – a wider social perspective
Chapter 3. Geophysical investigations at Drumanagh and Loughshinny, north County Dublin
Chapter 4. Investigations on Lambay Island, Co. Dublin
Chapter 5. Landscape use and environmental change: a multi-proxy study at Lough Lugh, Uisneach, Co. Westmeath
Chapter 6. Investigating mobility and migration in the Later Iron Age
Chapter 7. Landscape and settlement in Late Iron Age Ireland: some emerging trends
Chapter 8. Findings and priorities for future research

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Discovery Programme Reports: 9

Discovery Programme Reports: No. 9 - A Research Miscellany (Dublin, Discovery Programme 2005), 182 ++

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, the Discovery Programme commissioned its staff members to compile a research paper on a topic of their choice. The result is an eclectic, diverse and interesting suite of articles that highlight the ranges of skills and interests within The Discovery Programme. The collection starts with a short paper on the foundation of The Discovery Programme. This publication was made available for free download to make our publically funded research accessible to a wider audience.

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