Rob_ShawSenior Geo-Surveyor
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Rob is the senior geosurveyor in the technology section of the Discovery Programme, a role he has held since 2002. He has extensive experience in archaeological survey and applies this to support the work of the research projects within the Discovery Programme. He has also worked on a number of large EU research projects, notably collaborating on a project investigating remote sensing for landscape archaeology (, and also a project recording and disseminating 3D models of heritage objects (

Rob, who recently qualified as a member of RICS, is a graduate of the University of Glasgow, where he undertook his BSc in Topographic Science. After graduating in 1988 he worked for number of survey and digital mapping companies before joining the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland in 1992 as a surveyor. At the Discovery Programme he has been able to further his own research interests in the application of new technologies, particularly 3D solutions, to surveying archaeological landscapes and monuments. He has published a number of papers on archaeological surveying and has presented his research at International conferences and workshops and seminars in Ireland.


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