Task 3 - Work with various cultural, educational and heritage institutions

To work with various cultural, educational and heritage institutions to coordinate and share Irish archaeological, historical and topographical data within the context of a European framework.

How does Task 3 relate to Discovering Ireland’s Ancient Peoples and Landscapes?

Ireland is rich in written and visual records relating to its archaeology, history and topography. These sources are scattered throughout institutions located in Ireland and elsewhere, and depending on the resources available to the various repositories are accessible in different formats to scholars and the public. This is a rich resource that needs to be exploited to a far greater extent, and to be able to use it to its maximum potential, institutions need to be supported in providing open access to their records. If existing data sets could be linked, the outcome would be to create a significant cultural data resource for scholars working on a wide range of topics relating to Ireland’s ancient peoples and landscapes.

What will be the Discovery Programme’s role in opening up Ireland’s archaeological and topographical records to a global audience?

The Discovery Programme will work with the Heritage Council and other cultural institutions (e.g. National Museum of Ireland, National Monuments Service (DAHG), National Roads Authority, Office of Public Works, Place Names Commission, Royal Irish Academy, Trinity College Dublin, Department of the Environment Northern Ireland) to establish the extent of Ireland’s cultural heritage data sets and the current status regarding digitisation and accessibility of records. Under the EU ARIADNE programme, a plan will be developed to support institutions towards completing outstanding digitisation and data entry projects and to create a cultural data framework that ultimately should facilitate linkage between a wide range of data sets.

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