Task 6 - Complete outstanding Discovery Programme projects

To complete outstanding Discovery Programme projects and publish them in various formats and media.

How does Task 6 relate to Discovering Ireland’s Ancient Peoples and Landscapes?

The Discovery Programme has a proven track record in disseminating the results of its research across a range of formats including a monograph series, the Discovery Programme Reports series, peer review articles in national and international journals, popular books and digital media. These publications have added considerably to our knowledge of Ireland’s past. If adequate resources become available, the following publications will be produced:

The Western Stone Forts:

A comprehensive survey with international comparative studies of the monumental stone forts dotted through the landscape of the Irish western seaboard in Donegal (Grianán Ailech), Galway (the Aran Islands), Clare (Cahercommaun) and Kerry (Caherconree, Staigue Fort). These stone forts are archaeological monuments which date from the Late Bronze Age (1200−500BC) to the Early Medieval Period (c. AD 800) and are also the location of many historic events and associated folklore. Volumes 1−3 have been published (two volumes in print, one an e-publication). Volumes 4−5, which are an extensive study of the Aran Islands and forts along the western seaboard, await publication.

The Medieval Rural Settlement Project (Roscommon module):

Investigated rural settlement in late medieval Ireland and in particular of the territories of the O’Conor lordship in Roscommon and adjoining areas. This involved extensive multidisciplinary studies and excavations at the O’Conor caput at Tulsk and the prehistoric and medieval ceremonial complex at Carns. Our aim is to publish the Tulsk and Carns excavation reports and associated landscape studies.

The Lake Settlement Project Late Mesolithic (c. 8000−4000BC) module:

This relates to wooden platforms and a material assemblage uncovered in the midland lakes of Derragh Lough and Lough Kinale. These provide early evidence for inland human habitations in Ireland and are of international significance because of their extensive material cultural assemblage and evidence for early settlement and economy. Our aim is to publish the completed excavation report.

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