Task 7 - Seek external funding

To develop the Discovery Programme into a national research centre dedicated to advanced multidisciplinary studies in Irish archaeology and related disciplines in the humanities, science and technology.

How does Task 1 relate to Discovering Ireland’s Ancient Peoples and Landscapes?

The Discovery Programme receives an annual state grant through the Heritage Council. As with all such organisations, this grant has been reduced significantly since 2008. This reduction has lessened the extent of activities that the Discovery Programme can engage in and the number of publications that it can produce.We have a lot to do in the next three years and the programme we wish to achieve has the capacity to create employment and benefit scholars worldwide, the Irish tourism industry and most importantly students, teachers and local communities throughout Ireland. We will actively seek external funding by raising philanthropic donations, applying for EU and other grants and outsourcing various services. Accomplishing the Discovery Programme’s mission is not just the concern of a small community of archaeologists and other scholars. Our work is to delve deeply into the story of Ireland, its people and its landscapes and in doing so to involve the wider community in our projects. Communities can become custodians of their own landscapes; with the use of new technologies and scientific methods they can see these landscapes reveal their archaeology and begin to piece together the story of earlier communities who left their imprints through archaeology, written records and place names.

Your support.

Anyone can support the Discovery Programme and we are actively seeking partnerships. No gift is too small. Join in our Discovering Ireland’s Ancient Peoples and Landscapes Programme with a donation to the Discovery Programme. Your donation will support:

» Excavation

» Education

» Publication

» Remote sensing investigation

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